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At Cabin Bluff, we believe firmly in protecting our land and marine resources for the stewards of today and the children of tomorrow. We have developed and refined a variety of management strategies to maintain forestland health, preserve areas with historical or biological significance, safeguard a variety of wildlife habitats, and support marine conservation initiatives. It’s with these strategies and others like them that we ensure our lands maintain aesthetic qualities that are harmonious with their natural landscapes. And it’s because we care so deeply for these natural resources that Cabin Bluff has grown to be such ideal settings for hunting, shooting, hiking, and fishing. At the heart of our conservation philosophy is the simple conviction that enjoying the land and waterways is both an honor and a responsibility.

Of course, we can’t do it alone. There are a number of local and national conservation partners who we work with and learn from every day. A few of them...

Georgia redfish tag and release program

Cabin Bluff participates in a tag-and-release study conducted by Georgia Department of Natural Resources on redfish, also known as channel bass, red drum, and spot tail bass. The tag-and-release program collects information regarding redfish movement and survival that leads to improved management strategies that help to ensure a thriving redfish population in the future.

Tarpon Research

All tarpon caught by Cabin Bluff anglers are released. Before we release, however, important biological information is collected to contribute to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust tarpon genetics research program. The information we collect helps biologists learn more about this magnificent species and leads to improved tarpon conservation strategies.