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6 Clay Shooting Tips

At Cabin Bluff, we see people of all walks of life on our marsh-side sporting clays course. We get lifelong shooters who come with their own equipment and an eye for the target. Other visitors have some experience, but are hoping for tips and tricks from our pros to improve their shot. We even get shooters on the course who, believe it or not, have never even held a gun. The great news is we’re ready and equipped for all comfort levels. Novice or expert, there are a few tips we share with each one of our shooters to ensure a safe, successful, and mostly importantly, fun shooting experience.

  1. Safety. This tip is #1 because safety is #1 at Cabin Bluff. We require and provide ear protection and safety glasses for every shooter. A certified shooting instructor is always at the helm to ensure all safety protocols are followed. If you’re unsure about something, just ask.
  2. Relax. One of the best things about Cabin Bluff is that our business model means there are only a handful of other guests on the property during your visit, allowing shooters to take their time and really relish in the experience.  A relaxed clay shooter is more likely to hit the target and have a great time on the course.
  3. Get your stance right. Lean into the shot, placing most of your weight on your front foot. Keep the gun tight in the “pocket” between your shoulder and your collar bone.
  4. Keep your head on the gun. The natural reaction when you’re looking for the next clay is to remove your head from the gun and scan the horizon. You’ll have better luck if you keep your head down on the gun, moving them in tandem.  
  5. Keep moving. Each station is set up to imitate a different hunting scenario. On one station, the clay rolls across the ground, like a rabbit. On another, clays are thrown out randomly to imitate quail being flushed from the brush. At the “flying turkey” station, the clay moves like a turkey heading up to a roost above you. Keep your gun up and moving to anticipate the next clay.
  6. Have fun. We said it above but it bears repeating: the clays course should be fun! Shooting sporting clays beneath ancient oaks draped in Spanish moss isn’t an every day experience, and you should enjoy every minute.  Miss a shot? Shoot again. Want to meander between each station to admire the stunning maritime forest? Take all the time you want. We’re here to ensure your family vacation or corporate retreat is one you’ll cherish for years to come.

We're now booking summer weekends for families and friends. Call Mitzi at 912.729.5960 to secure your summer adventure!

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