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Signs of Spring And Great Fishing at the ‘Bluff

It’s early April and the sweet, southern signs of spring abound at Cabin Bluff.  

The squirrels are chattering back and forth, cheerful about the plentiful food opportunities the warmer weather brings. April is the tail end of their mating season, so we’ll soon see the next generation of Cabin Bluff squirrels fluttering atop the live oaks and towering pines. For decades, a series of albino squirrels called Cabin Bluff home. They’ve been notably absent in recent years, but we hold out hope the unique gene remains somewhere in our current population, and will show up again soon!

Barn swallows have made the journey back from South America, where they keep warm throughout the winter months. Come mid-March, they’ve made their way back to Cabin Bluff where they get busy building their spring nests beneath the fishing dock. We enjoy watching them dart busily to and from the marsh land filling their bellies with insects.

The skies are indeed busy at Cabin Bluff come spring when we start to also see an increase in bald eagles and ospreys. Both birds of prey find the golf course a fantastic location for spring nesting. The openness allows them to spot prey like mice, rabbits, and other small mammals, and the course’s fresh water lakes offer an abundance of fish. Taking a moment to stop and watch their graceful flight paths is time well spent.

The days get longer. The air gets warmer. But what we might like most of all about Spring? It means the fishing is about to get really good. Just like the birds, redfish, cobia and trout start their spring migration on a path that leads them right to the waters that surround Cabin Bluff. Often, these migrations take the fish right to our dock. Our fishing guides are already having great success on the water this season, with guests catching an abundance of fish of varying species– redfish, trout, and triptail among many others.    

Ready to experience our nearly untouched waters yourself? Come on down! We’re now booking large groups and small family groups. 


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