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Meet Penny: the newest generation of Cabin bluff bird dogs

In 2013 we heard from our favorite Boykin Spaniel, Scout, as he navigated his first year as a member of the Cabin Bluff bird dog team. His first few seasons flushing and retrieving quail with guests have been an outstanding success – and he’ll continue to be a valuable member of our hunting team.

To help continue our tradition of outstanding quail hunting, we're introducing a new member to our team: Penny, an English Cocker Spaniel. A happy, active breed, English Cockers are well built, compact dogs perfectly suited for penetrating dense quail cover to flush and retrieve, which, just like Scout, will be Penny’s job during a quail hunt.

Steady to Wing and Shot

The standard method of training dogs to hunt quail is to use a pointer to find and point birds and to retrieve them after they are shot.  At Cabin Bluff, we do things a little differently using a combination of dog breeds. Our pointers are trained to be Steady to Wing and Shot – they range out further than the hunting party and then go on point to let the hunters and guides know where the covey is hiding. Then, retrievers are taught to flush the birds out of the cover and make them fly, and then to retrieve the birds after they are shot. It’s a great example of playing to each breeds’ strengths and totally captivating to watch.

Fun & games + learning patience

Like Scout did, Penny will be spending the summer working on her drive for the game of chase and her instinct to hunt. That means there’s plenty of fun games ahead for Penny - starting with fake birds and working up to interacting with real quail.

After she learns to be patient when birds start to fly – a tall order for an eager pup -  Penny will join one of our talented pointers in the quail woods for training sessions. During these sessions she’ll work on her manners, allowing the other dog to do his pointing job while focusing on flushing and retrieving and getting used to the shot gun noise. Later we’ll add a second pointer and imitate what it’s like to be on a real quail hunt. 

Before we know it, she'll be a pro in the field, following along in the footsteps of big "brother" Scout! 

You can book your fall/winter quail hunt by calling us today at 912-729-5960. If you're eager to experience our exclusive property sooner, we're now booking summer weekends! Fish on our nearly untouched waters, play golf (with no tee times) on our Davis Love III course, and dine on a spectacutarly fresh and flavorful menu! Come on down! 

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