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Key Components of a Successful Board of Directors meeting



Not three words you want associated with your annual Board of Directors meeting.  Often, board meetings are held at the same location as their annual sales conventions or company gatherings.  Hotels and resorts are great for large groups - big spaces and meeting rooms, multiple restaurants, and plenty of lodging. 

But large-scale, crowded hotels often have downsides, too: numerous groups and companies, rushed and distracted staff, and contrived settings that don’t exactly inspire ingenuity, focus or bonding.

The way we see it, Board of Directors’ meetings require something different – an acute attention to detail and forethought that ensures a seamless experience.  At Cabin Bluff, we’ve found three key elements that all but guarantee productive, successful board meetings: privacy, togetherness and service.

Privacy – Exclusive and Secure

Board meetings require a certain level of privacy, not only in the meeting spaces themselves but also in overall location. We know the safety of your board members and of sensitive company information is of the utmost importance. A venue that is closed to the public can give you peace of mind that confidential information and innovative ideas can be discussed freely, and not just in the board room.

Togetherness – The place is completely yours

Time outside the meeting room might be the most important time of all. That’s when bonds are forged, trust is gained, and relationships are strengthened. And it’s the time when real breakthrough ideas are generated. Your board members should have ample opportunity to mingle in a relaxed setting void of the distractions of a large, busy resort.     

Service – Our focus is on you

You want flawless service for your Board of Directors meeting. When hotel the staff is preoccupied by multiple meetings and hundreds of guests, being attentive to your group’s needs is next to impossible. Be proactive and find out what else is going on during your stay. It’s ok to ask how many other groups will be visiting at the same time you are planning your trip. This will give you an idea of “the bigger picture” and where the resort staff will be focused. Even better, choose an exclusive venue where space is limited, ensuring you're one of very few groups, or even the only group.

We think we know just the place! Find out more about hosting your next board meeting at Cabin Bluff today!


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