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Training an Outstanding Bird Dog: an Update on Scout

This time last year we introduced our newest bird dog – a Boykin Spaniel named Scout. Since then he’s had a thorough education on flushing and retrieving, and has spent time in the quail field watching veteran dogs on hunts. Now 18 months old, Scout’s had time to dream about being one of the big dogs, and he’s gearing up for his first full season!

Spring and summer were all about conditioning. Like any athlete, a summer workout schedule is crucial for success. For Scout, that means running, running, and then running some more! Our six hole golf course and 2,000 acres of managed quail woods have provided ample space for Scout to get into tiptop shape for hunting season.

At the beginning of August we began incorporating verbal commands back into Scout’s training regimen. For a flushing dog, learning to heel and whoa and sit on command are some of the most important skills to master – they can make or break a hunter’s opportunity to shoot into a covey of birds. Twice a day Scout works one-on-one with a trainer to enforce these essentials. He’s a sharp, eager to please pup, and he’s doing an outstanding job!

To bridge the gap between these commands and real-life hunting situations, trainers will slowly introduce other aspects of the hunt into sessions - adding two pointing dogs, hunters, and birds into the mix. When Kenny, our new lead quail guide, feels that Scout is ready, they’ll move onto retrieving downed birds.

Scout’s shaping up to be an ideal bird dog. We can’t wait to see him in action. Stay tuned for updates!

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