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Golfing at the Bluff

There is an oak tree just off the first tee of number one fairway at the Cabin Bluff Golf Course.  There’s no bark, not an inkling of a leaf, as the tree has been dead longer than the golf course has been in existence. Still, it’s my favorite tree on the course.  

The reason I love that dead oak tree is because of the giant osprey nest that sits at the top.  The same pair of ospreys has returned every March during my time at Cabin Bluff, and their return signals the start of golf season for me.

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard to get rid of the cool-season grasses that we applied to the greens and tees during the winter to allow the native Bermuda grass an opportunity to flourish.  As the weather warms and the spring rains fall, the Bermuda grass comes out of dormancy and starts growing quickly.

Spring also means aerating, dethatching, topdressing and other jobs that can leave the golf course looking a little worse for wear. But rest assured these are all necessary steps to ensure good turf all year round.

There are impressive sights from nearly every tee on the course. The gators enjoy sunning themselves on the bank; bald eagles, northern harriers and the aforementioned ospreys have all been sighted in the last month.  Also, you get a beautiful view of Cumberland Island and the Cumberland River from all along the east side of the course.

We would love to see you take a spin on our greens. If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to stop me or one of the crewmembers to let us know how we can improve your experience.  Fair warning, the ospreys aren’t the only creatures that have returned!  The deer flies are back too.  Bring bug spray and wear a hat!


Rich McCrary

Golf Course Superintendent

Cabin Bluff Golf Course

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