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Man-eater of a fish!!!

Whew! That was a close call -

I'm sitting at the pool house just finishing up lunch with guests that were visiting over the weekend. It appeared a few showers might hinder our plans for the afternoon and we are discussing activity options. Meanwhile the kids have already decided they are going to continue to harass fish in the pond outside the conference center while we figure this out. Actually the adults were all tired from a great morning of shooting the five-stand and really are just enjoying the fresh cookies and tea. Either way it was a great excuse to sit and relax a spell. 

Unknown to the tea and cookie snackers, the boys have conspired and they are going after the big fish! They have bribed the chef who has provided them with some "special" bait and are now on the hunt. As I keep peeking out the window I see mostly steady casting, and calm kids until out of the corner of my eye there is some major action. 

Luke has the fishing rod bent over and his buddy John is jumping up and down cheering! Luck weights no more that 80 pounds and by the looks of it, either he or the rod will soon be wet from getting pulled in. He's on the edge of the bank and could go in at any minute.

We postpone our relaxed state and run out to see what's going on. By the time we reach Luke and John, they have fought this fish to the edge of the pond. At this point the fish is exhausted, the boys are looking at the fish then at each other - they do not know what to do next. Neither will be able to reach down and drag this guy onto the bank and if they use the rod the line will surely snap and they'll lose him forever. Dads to the rescue!

Daniel grabs the fish and pulls him onto the bank and the kids are going bananas - this is the biggest catfish we have ever pulled out of this pond and they are estatic! Come to find out the fish swallowed the "special bait" which turns out to be a hot dog chunk and the hook is set pretty deep. Is there a doctor in the house?

Well luckily there was. Knowing our fish needed to be released back in the pond to complete the story, our surgeon goes to work. He retrieves the hook by going through the gills and retrieves it- no harm done to the catfish!

Dads saving the man-eater fish.

Our brave anglers!

A catch from later that night not as big
but just as exciting!

After a few pictures the boys are high-fivin' each other and are off to find more bait.

Congrats guys, you landed a big one!!!   


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