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Finding new Fishing Holes!!

Last Friday the unofficial R&D team at Cabin Bluff put together a scouting trip to uncover and rediscover new fishing holes in our area. Both wind and waves made the trip a bit more difficult than planned but we stuck with it and returned successful!

On this excursion we boated south past the tip of Cumberland Island which is drastically different than the northern point. This section of the island flattens out and reminds you of a typical coastal landscape with tidal creeks and marshes as opposed to the bluff setting on the north end.   

We passed jetties guarding the entrance to Cumberland Sound and explored a forgotten honey hole along Cumberland Island where Capt Toby suggested we try. Along for the excursion were two new custom fishing rods built by Terry Allen for Cabin Bluff. The rods were perfectly balanced and casted like a dream and after only a few minutes we reeled in several good sized trout. A great way to start the morning! With this spot remarked it was time to move on for what we were really seeking – Cobia and Reds.

Made special for Cabin Bluff

You can really feel the fish hit the bait!

After cast netting a good number of pogies for bait we started sight fishing for bait pods where we know the Cobia would be feeding.

Unfortunately weather conditions did not allow us to find many bait pods with Cobia. We were however delighted to see a few early Sea Turtles beginning to arrive to nest in our area. In all we spotted three Sea Turtles not more than ten yards from the boat in about 30 minutes – very exciting!

Capt. Toby - just another day on the job...

With Redfish now our target we were excited to stretch some string. I can’t tell you where we hooked these guys but I will say when we spotted dolphin feeding along side of the boat we know we were at the right place!!

Dave's Red with a double spotted tail.

My Redfish (first red in the boat!)

Don’t miss a minute of time on the water this summer; join us for some great fishing, great food and time enjoyed with friends. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you soon…

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