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Wake up the dogs, quail season is right around the corner.

Fall is just around the corner and as we begin the transition from the summertime families to the quail hunting season of the fall and winter, I asked some one of our partners, Berretta, to give us some insight into their best new shotguns for the season. The folks at Berretta were terrific and as usual happy to help.

First I asked for their model recommendation for the Bluff’s Sporting Clay Course and secondly for our personal favorite, the quail fields. Berreta’s advice was for sporting clays you should select the A400 Xcel. Here is how they describe the A400 Xcel on their site,

Beretta A400 Xcel

Technological precision with human passion.

Your competitors will tremble in fear after catching a glimpse of the tell-tale blue receiver as you step to the line with the new A400 Xcel Sporting from Beretta. This technologically advanced competition shotgun featuring the innovate Blink operating system, recoil-dissipating Kick-Off®, Micro-Core pad, and the very best cold-hammer forged barrels in the world featuring the Optima-Bore® HP. Two unique features on the A400 Xcel greet the competition shooter—the pioneering Gun Pod system and the blue Balance Cap.

Gun Pod—a digital display allows you to always have everything under control. This revolutionary system provides a digital readout of the ambient air temperature, the cartridge pressure of the round fi red and the overall number of rounds fired through the shotgun.

Balance Cap—utilizing up to three interchangeable weights (two are sold separately), the balance cap system allows the shooter to achieve that perfect point where the shotgun becomes but an extension of them. A blue anodized finish on the cap protects the system from the elements allowing the shooter to compete anytime anywhere.

The Blue Receiver is only a warning: when your opponents see it, they’ll already know who the winner is.

The future is in your hands.

Secondly I queried about the best new models for quail. For quail they recommended the Perennia III and Silver Pigeon Line.  On the Beretta website the customer reviews of the Perennia are outstanding with five customers rating the gun as five stars and by golly, that’s good enough for me.  Here’s a description of the Perennia III.

Beretta Perennia III

Every once in a generation or so comes along a shotgun that revolutionizes and reshapes the category. Beretta’s SV10 Perennia is such a firearm. The third evolution of Beretta’s celebrated over-and-unders, its lineage springs from the elegant and high performance SO10.

Like its root word, perennial, it has been meticulously engineered for reliable performance, year after year, round after round. The Perennia’s new aesthetics and technical design are unmatched anywhere. A redesigned safety offers a better grip and ergonomics, while a new locking system provides a more constant lock between the stock and receiver. From its deeper, more elegant breech shoulders and wide ellipse for clear, richer engravings to its innovations like the first ever application of Kick-Off technology in a wooden stock, this is a world-class gun that will outperform your expectations. The receiver, while maintaining the traditional Beretta locking system with trapezoidal shoulders and double longitudinal locking lugs, is characterized by arrowhead-shaped sideplates that stand out from the sides.

The locking shoulders of the monobloc and their corresponding seats on the receiver feature new, larger shapes that are not only better integrated into the design of the sideplates, but also improve the efficiency of the lock-up. The styling refinements continue into the shape of the stock inletting, which now moves well forward into the sides of the receiver, consolidating the rigidity of the assembly.

Not to be left behind of course is the Silver Pigeon line.  Although the website doesn’t provide a lot of detail on the Silver Pigeon, its interesting to note that the customer reviews are pretty strong, with one customer stating, “Best gun I have ever bought!”. Pretty strong words from an experienced huntsman.

At Cabin Bluff we provide our guests with guns from the Silver Pigeon and White Onyx lines. We shoot lots of quail and both lines have lived up to the Beretta reputation of world class firearms. I know our guests will continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Well I hope this little tidbit on some of the incredible Beretta products has whetted your appetite to march out into the field again. Remember that quail season begins on October 1 and don’t forget to check out our First Annual Shooting Classic to pitch your two man team against other two person teams in a combination quail hunting and golf weekend that will prove to be one of the most enjoyable stays every offered by Cabin Bluff.


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