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The most important meeting...

It was to be the most important meeting in the history of the company. At the meeting were all of the Executive Committee, the Board and the bankers. The planner selected a five-star resort hotel since one of the requirements made by the Chairman was “this is going to be a very difficult meeting so pick a place that can give us a few hours outside of the meeting room, maybe a golf course or something like that...”

Naturally, the planner thought, the promise of a five-star resort with their reputation would be ideal.

But there was one major problem she could not foresee.

Her boardroom at the five-star resort was across the hall from the resort’s 18,000 square foot ballroom, which just happened to be hosting the three thousand-person annual Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity convention.


Rewind. “It was to be the most important meeting in the history of the company….” The planner remembered a presentation by a very polite and informative young man named Andy about a very private lodge called Cabin Bluff.  She recalled that he said something about the fact that the lodge was only booked by one group at a time. It was very private. She sent Andy an email.

Fast forward. The CEO came up to the planner at the bonfire on the final night and said, “This was perfect.”


Just attended a three day media tour at Cabin Bluff and came away eager to not only hit the keyboard, but more importantly pick a date to return. CB is a magical place, a remote and rustic, yet comfortable and elegant hideaway where your hosts will see to your every need. Cast, blast, drive and putt...sit in the hot tub, swim in the lap pool, and wine and dine to your heart's content. You will not be disappointed. Bill

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