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Go, sit a spell, and be enchanted.

Fields, forests, and open water are kind of my "thing." My earliest and best memories are those with a dog at my side, exploring the woods near my rural Midwestern home. So it's only fitting that over time, I've grown to find my most soul-nourishing experiences far from pavement, alone or in the company of close friends. To quote a couple of my favorite singers, Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffett, "When you lose yourself, you find the key to paradise." I suppose that is why Cabin Bluff is such an amazing place to me and so many other people.

Take for example, yesterday morning... the Cumberland River on the South Georgia coast was about as spectacular as it gets. Just when we thought that night would turn to day without any showy entry, the sun peeked up - a huge shimmering orange and pink ball - casting golden hues over the marsh grasses. One sip of coffee and the colors would fade, just as quickly as they appeared. While experiencing the sunrise was a breathtaking moment, something I don't do every day, Cabin Bluff is host to spectacular sunrises day after day. Go, sit a spell, and be enchanted.

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