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From the Dogs!

A hunting dog’s work is never done. The team and I have been hard at work (play) preparing for the upcoming quail hunting season this fall. Up by 7:00 AM, we are practicing blind retrieves, listening to commands and pointing pigeons to sharpen our skills. Tim (the yellow lab) and I have recently had the chance to show off in the field, talk about quail hunting and inform others about all the activities at Cabin Bluff. Oh, and we posed for a few pictures as well.

Here we are on Sea Island at The Cloister’s Blue Ribbon event in June. We wowed the crowd with our quickness drills and how well we retrieve. It was hard work because, as you can see, all of our fans wanted to get very close.

Me (Sport) waiting to begin.

Off to hide the "bird"

Tim showing some quick retrieve skills.

Tim posing for pictures.

Later at Cabin Bluff, travel writers were visiting and we demonstrated pointing birds in the "off season" and the importance of being trained “steady to wing and shot”. Chuck, our head quail guide, did all the talking as we were focused on the task at hand.



Quail season starts October 1st this year and the whole team will be ready to make your hunting trip to Cabin Bluff most memorable. We might even show off our cooler tricks.

Tim and I look forward to hunting with you later this year, until then "happy hunting!"

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