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Capt. Toby, Anna and the big Redfish

When Anna and her family came to Cabin Bluff they were looking forward to some quality family time. Since this would be their first visit, they went on the website to look at all the experiences and activities they might try. But Anna hoped that fishing might be one of them. Although she was a bit uncertain about actually touching the fish, they are of course “icky”, the idea of being on a boat and maybe catching one was on her list.

In the first few hours at Cabin Bluff, she lost the thought. She was too busy exploring the cabin, the Lodge and the surrounding wilderness. What a great place she thought, this is going to be really fun. That night offered a special experience. After a really fun dinner around a big bonfire many of the guests started talking about night fishing off of the dock. Well, she thought that might be really interesting. And it was.

In fact, Anna’s little sister Lilly landed her very first fish, right there off the dock - a beautiful and shiny trout. Turns out it wasn’t so icky after all; actually it was kind of pretty.

Anna knew that the next day she and her mom were going fishing on a boat while Dad and Lilly opted for exploring the grounds on a golf cart followed by time in the swimming pool.  But for now the dock offered new experiences all of its own. Turns out that they were having so much time that their normal bed-time blew right by and they actually stayed up until 11! Wow, this place was great!

The next day came and began with all the excitement stored up from the night before; today was going to be the real fishing trip. By mid-afternoon the long awaited time finally arrived and Anna and her mom walked out to the dock to meet the Captain.

Captain Toby, Cabin Bluff’s Fishing Manager was there to meet them. He was very nice. He told Anna and her mom about what they would be doing, where they would be going to fish and some very important boating safety instructions. He gave Anna a life preserver to wear and they boarded his beautiful boat for their fishing safari.

Captain Toby took them to a couple of his favorite spots but the action was pretty slow. The fish seemed to be hiding from Anna. So Captain Toby told Anna that he would take them to his “super secret” spot and off they went.

After a few minutes, Anna felt this tug on her line. It was kind of heavy; it surely must be a big fish she thought. But she remembered that you have to be patient and she waited. A short time later, Captain Toby said it was time to go so she needed to reel in her line. Well, the line was pretty heavy. If fact it was really really heavy and her pole was bouncing up and down. So Captain Toby held it with her and said, “why Anna, I think you caught a big-one.

Within a few minutes they could see the fins. It was huge! Captain Toby asked Anna’s mom to hold the rod with her while he grabbed the net to bring in the big fish. And within a few minutes, Anna was looking at the most beautiful fish she had ever seen…and the biggest. Quickly her mom began taking pictures as Anna sat proudly with Captain Toby and Mr. Redfish!

A few pictures to remember the moment forever and it was time to let Mr. Redfish go back to his family. Anna said goodbye and Captain Toby gently eased him back into the water.  Anna was now an official fisher thanks to Captain Toby’s secret spot.

What a way to start the summer!


Andy..that was a great weekend..I have never had so much fun and it was great to see families and a lot of women there at Cabin Bluff..what a wonderful place to visit I cant wait to go back.

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