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Cabin Bluff’s Captain Toby offers Summer Trout Tips.


Fishing season is officially underway. For all those looking for a few pointers to help catch the big one, keep these basics in mind.

1. Locate clear water as Trout are sight feeders. It is easier for them to feed when they can see the bait.

2. Lip rippers stay home!  Trout have very soft tissue around their mouth structures. For anglers who really like to SET THE HOOK, soften the touch for better success.

3. Location, location, location! When arriving at one of your favorite spots make sure you cover all the real estate in the area before you move on. Trout tend to remain in a general area, but not in the exact location you caught them last time.

4. Presentation. You are competing with natural live bait. Ensure your presentation appears as natural as possible. Think like a fish "Should this shrimp be here".

5. Trout are in the feeding mood when the water is moving; whether it's incoming or outgoing tide. Many anglers prefer the last two hours of both tide cycles for best results.


Remember, do your homework! Always be looking for new fishing spots, especially when you are traveling on a low tide stage. It will pay off over time. Happy Fishing!!

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