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Cabin Bluff, News from the Roost

With the warming temperatures of spring time here at Cabin Bluff, the maritime forest around the lodge has awakened after a dormant winter.  Not only are we seeing the evidence of new green growth in the trees and in the fields, we can hear the arrival of spring.  Many resident and migratory song birds announce the arrival of a new day each morning as the sun rises over the Cumberland River Retreat.  One old bird in particular is quite vocal, with an unmistakable call that causes the most experienced of hunters to drop what he/she is doing to get fix on his location.  Of course I am talking about the wild turkey, and many hunters around the southeast have been actively pursuing this game bird already this year as seasons open.  Here at Cabin Bluff, we offer the opportunity for you to test your skill as a turkey hunter in some of the most beautiful maritime and slash pine forests that support an abundance of turkeys.

Like most wildlife species, turkeys need several key habitats to thrive and maintain a healthy population.  Cabin Bluff provides a mix of open pine forests, upland hardwoods, bottomland hardwoods with a scattering of fields and wildlife food plots.  Each habitat type provides the necessary components for wild turkey nesting, brood raising, roosting and feeding.   Open pines and fields managed through prescribed fire provide ideal habitat for feeding and raising a brood of young turkeys.  Gallberry and palmetto, a large component of the vegetation here at Cabin Bluff provide fruit and seeds for turkeys.  Upland maritime live oak hammocks provide acorn production that is critical for turkey survival in the fall and winter.  Both upland hardwoods and especially bottomland hardwoods provide ideal roosting trees where turkeys can escape predators and pronounce their dominance with a gobble in the morning.  Everything an old gobbler needs in some of the most scenic settings.

Make your plans now to experience a wild turkey hunt along the beautiful inter-coastal waterways of Georgia at Cabin Bluff.  The longer you wait, the smarter they get!

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