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Captain Toby's Cabin Bluff Fishing Journal

Ok everyone spring is here, it's time to streatch some string. Here are some hints for finding fish...

- The winter time schools are beginning to scatter as the fish acclimate to warmer water and the availability of food source.

- Fish can be found along mud banks adjacent to ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) on low tide stages where temperature is warmer and they can be afforded some protection from dolphin. Oyster rakes are another great source this time of year as they come alive with the warmer water temperatures.

 - Live bait is becoming available and active, juvenenile shrimp, fiddler crabs, and mud minnows are bait of choice.

 - The bull reds will be moving from there offshore areas and set up residents on the bar areas of barrier island and the inlets.

- Flyrodders will have flood tide wade fishing to look forward too next month when the new / full moon phases provide extremely high tides for working the flats. Look for those tails!

And don't forget the Tripletails are coming! April is typically the time of year when they start to hit off of Jekyll.

Don’t you love spring!!!

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